TPOM is a non-profit community support organization with over 230 members in Raleigh and the surrounding North Carolina areas.

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The Triangle Parents of Multiples are

  • Parents who listen, give support, and offer friendship.
  • Parents who understand the joys and hardships of parenting twins, triplets, and higher-order multiples from pregnancy through the teenage years
  • Parents who share the common bond of twins, triplets, and higher-order multiples.

Purpose & Mission Statement

Triangle Parents of Multiples was founded in 1975. The purpose of TPOM is to promote interest in and knowledge of multiples, to help parents of multiples through exchange of ideas about caring for their children, to provide an equipment exchange for members, and to offer families of multiples guidance and support. It shall be a non-profit organization. Each member must be a parent or guardian of multiples, or have had a multiple pregnancy.

Why Join?

There are many benefits to being a member of Triangle Parents of Multiples. Perhaps the most valuable is the opportunity to form deep and lasting friendships with other parents of multiples.

Triangle Parents of Multiples, formerly Triangle Mothers of Twins & Triplets, has been providing support and encouragement to families of multiple-birth children for over 40 years.

Our many activities and programs include:

  • Fun and informative monthly meetings
  • Support group for new and expecting MoMs
  • Support group for MoMs of toddlers and Preschoolers
  • Preemie Lending Closet
  • NICU and Bedrest Support Program
  • Buddy Program
  • Single Parent Support Program
  • Family Assistance Program
  • Special Needs Support Program
  • MoM’s Night Out
  • Playdates and Socials
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Members-only website
  • Members-only Facebook page
  • And everyone’s favorite: The semi-annual Take Two Kidsignment Sale! (March & September)

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Why do parents join and remain members for many years?

TPOM has a sense of community and caring for their “family” that can’t be beat. And when it comes to parenting advice, it really is a bit of a different world with multiples. So that community and combined knowledge, and experience, becomes even more valuable.

-- Melissa T

TPOM has been a wonderful resource for my husband and I. We found the group based on another twin mother’s recommendation to find our local multiples club and joined when we were in our first trimester. The outreach is fantastic and helped us to both prepare for the twins arrival and navigate a high risk pregnancy. We benefited from knowledge from other parents who had walked in our shoes. We also appreciated benefits such as the preemie closet and the biannual kidsignment sales plus their active Facebook groups for both twin parenting support and buying baby and twin specific gear secondhand. We are so thankful we found this community and look forward to being members for years to come!

-- Allison T